What payment methods do you accept?

Outside the Bubble uses SecurePay (a business of Australia Post) to process your payments. SecurePay accepts Visa (credit and debit) and MasterCard (credit and debit). You can also use Paypal, American Express, Diners Club and JCB cards through our PayPal option. Please note all payments are made in Australian Dollars (AUD). 

Are my payments secure?

Yes, you can pay through the trusted brands SecurePay or PayPal.

SecurePay is a wholly owned business of Australia's postal service, Australia Post and uses industry-leading security measures to protect your transactions and your personal information. SecurePay offers its own FraudGuard suite, which helps businesses combat fraudulent transactions, making your transactions safer. 

PayPal Australia is part of the global PayPal brand that manages 173 million active customer accounts, processing almost 12.5 million payments daily around the world.


How accurate is your currency converter?

The currency conversions on this website are to be used as a guide only. Your final payment will be processed in Australian Dollars according to the exchange rate used by your card provider/bank. Your provider may charge you fees associated with the transaction. Please contact your provider if in doubt. 

Where do I find the delivery fees for my order?

A) Shipping fees are displayed at 'Checkout' after you have entered your address details. In many cases you will be given a selection of shipping services in a dropdown box, based on how soon you would like to receive your parcel and how much you would like to spend on shipping. You will be given the option to proceed or cancel once the shipping fees are displayed. To cancel, click on 'Return to cart' and then 'Remove' your items.


B) You can calculate your shipping fees on the 'Cart' page, using the dropdown boxes pictured below. Just place items in your cart and then go to outsidethebubble.com.au/cart - you will see the 'Shipping Rates Calculator' at the base of the page. Enter your country, state and post code to calculate the shipping fees applicable to your order.

How do I use a 'Discount Code' or 'Promo Code'?

From time to time we run special promotions for subscribers-only, or you may find a promotion through an advertisement or competition. If you have received a Discount Code or Promo Code, you can enter this on the 'Customer Information' page at Checkout, in the field labelled 'Discount' (found under the photos of your products in the column on the right); then just click on the 'Apply' button to calculate your new, discounted price.

Where to enter your Discount or Promo Code


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order anytime before you have completed the payment process.

When you click on the 'Complete order' button on the 'Payment Method' page at Checkout this will complete the payment process, after which time you will be unable to cancel your order.  

Do you offer free returns?

In the rare event that you should receive any faulty goods or goods not as described, we will fully refund the purchase price as well as the cost of return shipping via registered mail. For 'change of mind' returns, the customer receives a store credit to the value of the purchase price and pays for return shipping. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges policy, available from the homepage of this website, for full details.



We offer FREE Standard Shipping within Australia. Allow 3-4 business days for delivery to metro areas. Express Post delivery is also available for a fee. 

Do you deliver outside of Australia?

Yes, we deliver globally, servicing major cities around the world. Please refer to our Payment & Delivery policy, available from the homepage of this website for further details. You can also get a guide as to how long the delivery will take by using the 'Shipping Rates Calculator' noted above. Cost and delivery times are provided using this tool.

Should your parcel not arrive within a reasonable time frame, as per the details outlined in our policy, please contact Outside the Bubble for further information, using our Contact Us form.



What is the jewellery made of?

The foundation of each piece is made from Bronze, which keeps the larger, more intricate designs lightweight. The Bronze is then plated in Unpolished Sterling Silver, providing a matte finish and creamy white appearance; Oxidised Sterling Silver, providing a unique, charcoal grey appearance; Oxidised Bronze or 24 carat Gold with a matte finish. A 24 carat Gold brilliant finish (the more traditional, shiny gold finish) is also available on selected pieces.

What ring sizes do you offer?

The majority of rings in this range are sizes 6-7. If you wish to order a particular size, please send us a message through our Contact Us page and we will let you know the sizes available for that particular product.

Do you sell clip on earrings?

The Marina Massone range does not include clip on earrings at this time. If you would like to express an interest in this style, please use our Contact Us form to get in touch. 

Caring for your jewellery.

Remove jewellery when cleaning, gardening or doing any kind of heavy work. Also remove before swimming as chlorine and salt water can damage your jewellery.

Don’t expose your jewellery to strong cleaning agents, alcohol, acetone, lotions, perfume or chemical aerosols like hairspray.

Always apply perfume and aerosols before putting on jewellery.

Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place, preferably in a separate case or box with fabric lining or wrapped in cloth to avoid pieces damaging each other.

Remove jewellery before going to bed. 






    (Updated 15 June 2017)