Don't get caught out at the races! 

Stay Gorgeous All Day With Pasotti

Most of us have experienced 'accessory fail' at one time or another. Dressed to the nines with a stunning new dress, new shoes and a cute vintage purse, only to be let down by the practicalities of an ugly umbrella! Or worse - taking the risk, going without and getting drenched!  

If you want to stay gorgeous at the races this year, rain or shine, a Pasotti luxury umbrella is the answer. Protecting you from both the sun and Melbourne's infamous wind and rain, these fashion accessories will elevate your race-day gear to a whole new level. 

Handcrafted in Italy from the finest materials, Pasotti Umbrellas stand out from the crowd, making a bold statement with their unique designs, ornate handles and gorgeous, fashion-centric colours. 

SHOP THE RANGE at Outside the Bubble and order fast to get your Pasotti masterpiece in time for race day! Just call us today on 1300 955 170 for express delivery options within Melbourne, or for queries that are less urgent you can email 


(All images courtesy of Pasotti Ombrelli srl)